Racine Dream Team
Frequently Asked Questions


How do I nominate someone?

Download the nomination form from the website and send the completed form and facial photos to Kind Dentistry, LLC, 4445 Taylor Ave, Racine, WI , 53405. It is best to let the individual know that you would like to nominate him or her for this opportunity. You can then ask the candidate to provide answers to the questions on the nomination form. Once we receive the nominations, we will contact the individuals to expand on their situation and ask a few more detailed questions.

How is the makeover finalist selected?

The Racine Dream Team will select several finalists from the nominations received prior to the deadline of December 31st. The finalists will be chosen based on the essay portion of the application, the need for the services being offered, and the feasibility of completing a dramatic dental makeover in a reasonable timeframe. Personal interviews and/or examinations may be requested by Dr. Kind and the Dream Team professionals in order to assist in the selection process.

What does the makeover recipient receive?

The recipients of the makeover will be examined and interviewed by Dr. Kind of the Racine Dream Team to determine his/her individual needs and desires for the dental makeover. Based on the interview, our makeover recipients will receive a complete dental examination, necessary x-rays, and restorative and cosmetic dental treatment as Dr. Kind and Dr. Kirchner feels is indicated. All dental procedures will be reviewed with the recipient before beginning any treatment. At the end of the makeover period, the recipient will be treated to a glamour session of professional make-up application (for women) and haircut, style, and possible color by a local salon. Photos will be taken to commemorate the transformation! The winners can celebrate his/her new look by dining as a guest at the Charcoal Grill and Rotisserie.

Who is a good candidate for this makeover?

This year, the Racine Dream Team is pleased to announce our "Home Town Heroes Edition" as a gesture of our appreciation for their sacrifices. The makeover will be rewarded to two individuals who have endured life's hardships, but has continued to try to display a positive attitude in the face of difficult circumstances. Our hope is to reflect the inner spirit of determination to the world in the form of an attractive smile. Perhaps you have encountered an employee or service person that always has a smile or a good word to the customers, but their teeth are unhealthy or distracting. Or, maybe it is the friendly greeter who always gives you a big "hello" and then smiles with a partially toothless grin. The candidate could be the janitor who is happy to go the extra mile for others, but who holds back a full smile to hide his/her teeth. There are many possibilities for our Home Town Heroes Edition. Dental appointment frequency will depend on the type of cosmetic dental treatment that the individual needs. Candidates should be interested in adopting healthy oral hygiene habits in order to achieve a successful makeover. We are hoping for a lifestyle change which will have long-lasting results.

Who will have access to the materials I submit as part of my application?

The staff of The Racine Dream Team, are the only people who will have access to the materials that you submit. Dream Team nominations and submissions are kept at the office of Kind Dentistry and will be properly disposed of at the completion of the selection process.

Why do I have to be a resident of Racine or Kenosha Counties to qualify?

The Racine Dream Team is committed to promoting the image of quality services available in our Racine and Kenosha communities. For this reason, the Racine Dream Team wants to make sure that a Racine or Kenosha resident enjoys the benefits of the Racine Dream Team services, and the products and services of the makeover sponsors.

Will my application materials be returned to me?

Materials can be picked up at the office of Kind Dentistry until until three weeks after the contest deadline. After this date all materials will be destroyed. You must show photo ID when picking up materials.

Will the Racine Dream Team consult my current medical and dental records before proceeding with the makeover?

Racine Dream Team professionals will use their standard protocol in reviewing dental and medical history before starting any plan of treatment.

Will information about my makeover be available to the public?

Updates on the makeover progress will be available on the Racine Dream Team website and in articles written and published by local news providers.

What happens after the Makeover?

The makeover recipient will have the right to choose to continue services on a fee basis with the Racine Dream Team professionals. The recipient is not obligated to any contracts or services with the Racine Dream Team professionals or any of the makeover sponsors after the completion of the recipient's makeover. The Dream Team professionals will provide instruction and education as to how to maintain the wonderful results that will have been achieved.