2018 Dream Team Makeover: David's Story


David’s Makeover began with a thorough examinaton of his existng dental conditons and development of a treatment plan that would help eliminate pain and disease and also give him a very functonal and atractve smile.


Unfortunately, because of the past history of trauma and extensive dental treatment, several of David’s teeth needed to be removed. Since we wanted to begin the healing process as quickly as possible, the extractons were done frst. While David was healing, Popp Dental Lab fabricated a temporary partal denture to replace the missing teeth. The temporary partal looked and felt great and already, David was beginning to feel healthier! Also during that tme, we proceeded to repair David’s other teeth with several porcelain crowns and composite fllings.

Afer David’s healing was competed and the crowns were inserted, we were able to complete his fnal partal denture. David has a prominent crossbite on one side of his mouth which made his case a litle more difcult, but we were stll able to achieve a really nice result despite this challenge. Now David has a healthy, strong smile without any pain and he looks great!!

It has been a pleasure working with David throughout this makeover process. He has been so humble and grateful and has been a fantastc patent!! He even made Dr. Kind a custom wooden bench as a thank you!

Other local businesses joined us in showing their appreciaton for David’s military service:

Popp Dental Lab – donated all of the dental labwork needed for David’s case

Image Management – donated website updates

Thistle Rose, LLC – donated a $100 gif card to Menards for woodworking supplies

Daniels Chiropractc – donated a $100 gif card to Dick’s Sportng Goods

Bliss2massage, LLC – Tifany Young donated a one hour massage session

Charcoal Grille and Rotsserie – donated a gif certfcate for David and his wife to celebrate

JC Mufer and Brakes – donated an oil change

Joe Bauer