2009 Dream Team Winner: Carla Beyerl

Carla Beyerl

In 2005, when the Dream Team makeover project was initiated, Dr. Kind envisioned a fun, exciting makeover contest for which the community could really get excited about. Everyone knows about the "Extreme Makeover" show on TV and most of us have wondered how fantastic that would be if it was happening to us! It was her desire to get the word out to the community that the services being given to the people on the TV show could be found right here in Racine.

Dr. Kind presented her idea to Beth Allison of InnaVision Global Marketing and Mark Eickhorst of Reach Your Mark Promotions who are both very committed to seeing the Racine area thrive. They thought it was a great idea and, thus, the Racine Dream Team Makeover, Inc. was born. The team, a non-profit group, consists of local businesses and professionals who are donating various services to the makeover recipient. Click here to view our sponsors!

This year marks our fifth annual Racine Dream Team Makeover contest. We decided to focus on breast cancer awareness - the Pink Ribbon Edition. This disease is so very prevalent and can be very devastating. Our hope was to help someone who has been faced with breast cancer to experience something positive coming out of such a difficult journey. We are pleased to announce our 2009 Racine Dream Team Makeover winner, Carla Beyerl. Congratulations Carla!! (Thank you to Image Management LLC for continuing support of this website)

Carla is a 52 year old woman who was diagnosed with Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer in March of 2007. Within days, she started her eight chemotherapy sessions. She then underwent a double mastectomy as well as multiple lymph node removal (most were positive for cancer). In September 2007, Carla began the first of thirty four radiation treatments. Being single and with no children, she faced this challenge alone and without any health insurance. Today, she continues to take Tamoxifen, but is currently cancer-free. The medical bills were very daunting, but Carla was able to mortgage her home in order to pay for the care she so desperately needed. Her friends also hosted a fundraiser to help offset some of the expenses. Carla believes that her life was spared so that she would be able to help educate other women about inflammatory breast cancer. She continues to do volunteer work with various organizations, even to the extent of having 5000 brochures printed at her own expense to give out to local businesses to raise awareness! 

Media Coverage

June 6, 2009 by Racine Journal Times - Dream Team contest open to survivors of breast cancer.
August 10, 2009 by Racine Journal Times - Making a change while making a difference.
August 29, 2009 by Racine Journal Times - About Dream Team makeover.

Here are the updates from our providers and our sponsors:

Kind Dentistry


July 23rd - We are excited for Carla to have been selected as the 2009 Dream Team Winner! So far, she has had appointments in our office for a comprehensive dental exam, full series of xrays, professional dental cleaning and impressions for Opalescence teeth whitening. Carla is fairly content with her smile, but does not like the way her large silver fillings make her teeth look gray when whe smiles. We will be replacing several of her mercury fillings with tooth-colored composite fillings as well as providing several porcelain crowns where the fillings are excessively large. We also will be cosmetically contouring her front teeth to enhance the shape and appearance of her natural teeth. 


August 13th - Carla has been seeing significant results from  her professional whitening system and is already noticing changes in her smile. She also endured a rather long dental appointment where we prepped several teeth for porcelain crowns. We will be seeing her againsoon to restore several other teeth with crowns as well as several tooth-colored fillings. Carla has been a joy to work with and continues to be very appreciative for all that is being done for her. 

September 17th - Carla's dental treatment is nearly completed and her smile looks great. She recently had another lengthy dental appointment to have two new crowns fitted and cemented, another tooth prepared for a crown, several tooth colored fillings, and cosmetic enamel contouring. Special thanks to Popp Dental Lab for continuing to support the Racine Dream Team with the donation of the laboratory portion of Carla's crowns. They have fabricated beautiful porcelain crowns that have really brightened Carla's smile. We are so pleased to be part of Carla's transformation!

October 1st - As soon as Carla was selected in early July, we started scheduling appointments for Carla. We began with a complete examination and xrays and then came up with a treatment plan including porcelain crowns, tooth colored fillings, cosmetic enamel contouring, and professional whitening. Most of Carla's treatment was needed dental work versus cosmetic dental work. She has a very nice smile and isn't one to be wanting the perfect Hollywood smile with porcelain veneers on every tooth. So we stuck to the basics and eliminated all of the older silver fillings in her mouth to create a much brighter and healthier smile. Special thanks to Popp Dental Lab who donated the actual crown work for Carla - they do beautiful work and were honored to be part of the makeover. Carla looked absolutely amazing as she entered the room at the reveal ceremony. And, of course, her smile was beautiful from the inside out! 

Razor Sharp Fitness

July 23rd - From Tenille Isome/Assistant General Manager - Carla is extremely motivated and genuinely wants to get the most out of her makeover experience. She and I have now completed two weeks of her training and it has gone very well! We meet twice a week for her weight training. On Tuesdays we focus on lower body strength training and on Fridays we spend time strengthening the upper body muscles. Carla's core strength is lacking, specifically her abdominals, so we spend a good amount of time improving that area. She also does cardiovascular training (swimming and treadmill) 5 days a week to burn calories and get her heart pumping. I am really enjoying working with her because she truly wants to learn and is determined to be successful!

From Suzanne Williamson/Wellness Consultant - Carla and I met initially on July 6th to talk about her experiences and some of her fitness goals. Carla is an amazing woman with an amazing story who has made a personal commitment to improve her overall health and well being. Two of her more specific goals are to decrease central obesity and look more feminine. Her beginning measurements are: weight-173 pounds, waist-34.5 inches and body fat is 24.2%. She tracked her food and beverage intake for three days and we discussed areas of improvement including increasing her daily calorie intake, adding more fiber and omega 3 fats and experimenting with legumes! I am pleased to announce she made a nutritious and edible bean recipe this past weekend. Carla also started on 2 vitamin supplements in an isotonic form: Multivitamin and OPC3, a super antioxidant and free radical neutralizer. Given her cancer history and increased exercise regimen, both will help to support cellular health. Carla and I will meet weekly to fine tune her nutritional needs and meet her goals.

August 13th - Nutrition update from Suzanne Williamson RN CDE. Carla had her first 4 week measurements on August 4th. In 4 weeks she has lost 8 pounds, about one inch on her waist and dropped 3% body fat! This is very significant in establishing a healthy foundation for the prevention of chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels. The loss of 2 pounds per week is healthy. And when you lose the weight as body fat, 8 pounds LOOKS like 16 pounds! Carla continues to cook and try new recipes. She has energy. She is a great student. She is getting stronger both physically and mentally. She continues on her multivitamin and OPC3 supplements in an isotonic form. The main ingredient in OPC3 is Pycnogenol®, a highly effective antioxidant derived from pine bark extract. It is considered one of the most dynamic antioxidants available which possesses cell-protection, immune-enhancement and anti-inflammatory properties, especially with the cardiovascular system. Another important supplement I added to Carla's regimen was Omega 3 Fish Oils, which contain the appropriate amount of EPA and DHA to help with inflammation, heart health, and mental clarity. In my opinion, Carla is moving toward a balanced lifestyle, producing health, well being and joy! Keep up the great work Carla!

September 17th - From Suzanne Williamson, RN BSN Wellness Consultant at Razor Sharp Fitness: Carla checks in this week for her 4th weigh-in and measurements. Since July 7th she has lost 12 pounds, 2.5inches off her waist, 2.5inches off her hips, ½ inch off her thigh and her biceps have stayed stable at 13 inches. Carla's percent of body fat has gone from 24.2% to 21%, which is considered "excellent" for her age group and gender. Carla has more energy, has a regimented meal plan that she follows which isn't restrictive of any one food group. She couples main groups of food for maximum metabolic and cellular support. Carla is committed to improving her overall health and well being and it is evident in her attitude and her results!

From Tenille Isome - MS, CSCS - Assistant General Manager- Carla's physical fitness is continuing to improve every day. She is capable of doing so much more than she could when she first started this journey. She is still doing her cardiovascular training 5 days a week, and our strength training workouts are continuing to increase in intensity and difficulty. Unfortunately, her shoulder is bothering her from a past issue, but she hasn't let that stop her. We've worked around it and she hasn't missed a beat. I'm very proud of the work Carla is putting into getting physically fit. She's taken this very seriously and does whatever I ask of her without complaining. She may shoot me a dirty look every now and then (which I ignore), but she has never once never complained!

October 1st - From Suzanne Williamson - Carla entered the make-over already on the right track to losing weight and enjoying a healthier lifestyle. Since March of this year until July she had already lost 11 pounds. As we met each week, I reinforced eating a more low glycemic impact eating plan to support her blood sugar levels and improve her metabolism to burn fat and preserve her lean muscle mass. This meant eating better carbohydrates that are slower burning, have more fiber and don't throw that "metabolic switch" to store body fat. Carla was already eating lean protein and a variety of vegetables and fruits.

12 weeks later she lost 20 pounds, a total of 7.5 inches, and 4.1% body fat. This is significant as she went from a classification of "good" to "excellent" for her age and gender, lowering her risk of chronic conditions including pre-diabetes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and high blood fats.

I was impressed with Carla from the start because of her intelligence and understanding of what it takes to become a healthier person given her cancer history. She was a pleasure to meet with each week, and I look forward to our friendship and being a resource for her.

Dr. Sweet/Kim Buisse Medical Aesthetician

July 23rd - Here is what we are offering to the winner Carla Beyerl -
* A free Consultation with Dr. Michael Sweet in regards to reconstruction of the breasts
* A skin consultation with Kim Buisse, Medical Aesthetician to determine what would be the best treatments, procedures and products for Carla's skin. Treatments and procedures to be discussed after our meeting.
To Carla - Safe, healthy and effective skin care can be challenging with individuals experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and other forms of treatment for cancer. The skin being the largest organ of the body is a reflection of what is going on both internally and externally. For those on cancer treatment, management of skin reactions and side effects is an important component to getting through the treatment process as comfortably as possible. The skin can become sensitive or reactive to everyday skin care products. Carla, you and I shall work together to give you the treatments and skin care products that will help make your skin healthy and glowing. Along with this I will work on pampering you both physically as well as mentally with relaxation and the peaceful healing touch through relaxation and brightening facials as well as other treatments if doable once we meet and I see and feel your skin. I'm excited and looking forward to working with you during this Make-Over and after it too if you'd so desire. My Grandmother (many years back) and a Sister-in-law of mine had breast cancer so I take it to heart and feel very honored and blessed to be able to help you any way I can. I shall do this in remembrance of my wonderful, beautiful Grandma and in honor of my Sister-in-law. Thank You for letting me be apart of this wonderful experience for you. I look so forward to meeting you and beginning our journey together to getting your skin happy, beautiful and healthy!

August 13th - Carla and I had our first meeting consultation today. She is a wonderful strong amazing woman with a great personality. She seems very positive and open to the treatments I will be performing on her. She owns a great passion to get the word out there on Inflammatory Breast Cancer as she brought in pamphlets for us to hand out to our patients, families and friends. I have decided to do a combination of procedures with her. She will be in for her first (and only, so far) Relaxation Facial on August 20th. This will be followed by a Photorejuvenation Treatment (which will help get rid of sun damage and veins), followed with her 2nd. Photorejuvanation on September 10th. Then on September 24th. She will be getting a Microdermabrasion and Lactic Peel Combo and will follow up with another 90 Minute Relaxation Facial on September the 30th., the night before the BIG reveal! I will continue to do monthly Relaxation Facials with Carla thru December 2009.

August 20th - Carla and I just finished her first 90 Minute Relaxation Facial. Her skin responded extremely well to her treatment tonight. I used Glo Therapeutic products for a Glo Brightening Treatment to get an idea of how her skin would respond to good exfoliation, since there is a bit of Lactic Acid with this treatment and we're planning on doing Microdermabrasion and a peel after she has her two Photo Facial Treatments which begin next week. Her skin looked and felt amazing when she left the office!

She also left tonight with the complete line of Nia 24 products which she shall begin using tomorrow. Nia 24 is one of the lines that we have here at the office and the main line of products Carla will be using while under going her treatments during this make-over. I'm very sure she will use this line of products forever now once she see's and experiences what the Nia 24 will do for her skin. This product line is available to mainly Plastic Surgeon's offices only. The Nia 24 Skin Therapy products are an excellent complement to skin rejuvenation therapies because of the capacity of the Pro-Niacin molecule to promote the natural healing processes of the skin from the inside-out. Wither Carla continues treatments like Microdermabrasion or IPL or just uses the Nia 24 she will notice continual improvement in the look and feel of her skin. Ann Konkol-Smith with the Mentor company which makes the Nia 24 line sent the complete line of products for us to give to Carla. She is very happy and excited to be having her line of products as our number one choice of products for Carla to use during her treatments. She is very generous in supplying Carla with product and wants to be up-dated as Carla goes through this make-over.

August 31st - Carla was in on Monday August 24th. For her first Photo-Facial Treatment. Her treatment went very well as she was able to handle the IPL. I could see instantly some of her hyperpigmentation (sun damage) responding to the treatment as I was performing it so I know she will get wonderful results with her sun damage disappearing. I also targeted the broken capillaries around her nose and chin areas pretty intensely so I'm hoping for great results with those too. I will be seeing her in 2 weeks for her second Photo Treatment.

She has also begun using her NIA 24 products as well. A clinical study in 2006 conducted by leading Dermatologists Mitchel Goldman, MD and Michael Gold, MD. examined the combination of NIA 24 Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy with IPL. The study indicated that the patients who used NIA 24 along with their IPL treatments showed better improvements in their skin than those using IPL alone. Dermatological procedures such as chemical peels, laser therapies and Microdermabrasion represent skin rejuvenation therapies in which controlled injury is expected to promote the regrowth of healthier, better-looking skin. As a result of using NIA 24 Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy as adjunctive therapy to these dermatological procedures Carla can expect better treatment outcome as she heals more rapidly and will be able to enjoy healthier, more radiant skin. Since I shall be performing all these types of treatments on Carla and with her using the NIA 24. I am expecting fabulous results throughout the weeks ahead of us.

September 17th - On Thursday of last week Carla was in to see me for her second Photo-Facial Treatment. I noticed a much more even tone to her skin since we first met and her skin is looking more hydrated and less withered since we first met. She still has many small broken blood vessels around her nose, cheek and chin area so I really concentrated on those areas a bit more aggressively after doing two passes of her full face. I did explain to her that the blood vessels in those areas, especially the nose area are harder to treat but I'm determined to get rid of those little buggers before her big reveal. She said she is following the directions on how to use her NIA 24 Products at home and I'm very sure that the "life" coming back to her skins complexion has a lot to do with her following her at home skin care regimen of the NIA products in conjunction with her treatments with me. Will keep you posted!

September 24th - Carla came in for her third and final Photo Facial Treatment. Her skin is looking amazing! I'm still having a bit of trouble getting rid of those veins around her nose area but again I intensified the treatment, especially in the nose area. She is continuing her at home skin care regime with our NIA 24 products, which is a very important part of her getting her skin to it's healthy state.

September 29th - Today I will be seeing Carla for the last time until her big reveal on Thursday the first of October. Tonight I am doing a Glo Brightening Facial along with a Lactic Peel. This should be a wonderful treatment for her skin and have her glowing for her reveal on Thursday evening. The combined activity of physical resurfacing and natural brighteners used during this facial give unparallel results. Dead skin and debris are removed to clean and open the skin's surface, allowing for enhanced absorption of the Glo Brightening Serum and the Glo Restorative Mask. The mask and serum will be massaged into the skin which allow comprehensive care to this treatment. The Restorative Mask is infused with effective ingredients that will strengthen and deeply hydrate to improve elasticity and overall skin health. I will then apply the Lactic 15% Peel, which is a superficial peel and great for mature skin and cellular turnover. A great way to rejuvenate her skin! I will then apply a Glo Soothing Gel Mask which is a cooling mask that contains a complex of soothing ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins which repair and calm the skin. It's a excellent mask for skin recovering from exfoliation treatments. I will then hydrate her with a great moisturizer and send her on her way to her massage which she is also having tonight.

Carla is also bothered by hair on her upper lip and asked if I could remove it for her so I will also be doing a waxing of her upper lip area before I begin her facial treatment tonight. I will avoid the waxed area for the entirety of her facial treatment. Better safe then sorry!

I look forward to being there on Thursday Night for Carla's Reveal at The Charcoal Grill and feel honored to have been apart of this Make-Over.

October 1st - Dr. Sweet provided a consult for possible future reconstruction surgery.

Eye Center of Racine

August 13th - Carla came in for a consultation with Lisa our Refractive Coordinator on July 30th, what a wonderful woman! We talked some about her past and what all she has been through, boy, does she deserve this!!!! Her passion for educating EVERYONE about Inflammatory Breast Cancer is just amazing. She brought in brochures and made sure that all of our staff reads it and passes it on to our patients. We are all grateful to have this opportunity to meet Carla and that we are able to do something so wonderful for such a wonderful person! Carla currently wears glasses and has tried contact lenses in the past with no luck. After completing various diagnostic tests, Carla met for a consultation with Dr Kanwar Singh. He found her to be an excellent candidate for LASIK surgery. Carla will be having one more pre-operative appointment with us on September 3rd and is scheduled to have her LASIK surgery done on September 16th at The Eye Center of Racine. The Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha is a multi-specialty opthalmic practice with three full-time M.D.s, and a full-time optometrist. The offices are at St. Mary's Medical Center, 3805B Spring Street Suite 140, Racine 53405, Telephone: (262) 637-0500 and Med Care West, 9916 75th Street Suite 101, Kenosha 53142, Telephone: (262) 658-1937.

October 1st - Will be providing LASIK corrective eye surgery in late October or early November. The surgery was postponed due to a personal medical issue that Dr. Singh was faced with. He is now on the mend and will be doing surgeries again soon. Our best wishes to Dr. Singh for a full recovery!

Image Management - Masters of the Website!

Image Management is truly honored to sponsor the 2009 Racine Dream Team Makeover - Pink Ribbon Edition. In 2006, Image Management provided and began hosting the website for the Racine Dream Team. Last year, Image Management continued to provide the Racine Dream Team with rock-solid hosting and expeditious service. Every website update was made with a fanatical attention to detail and many times completed within the hour it was requested. Image Management continues to host and maintain the website for the Racine Dream Team, ensuring that each update is made quickly and accurately. Expeditious service coupled with a fanatical attention to detail has allowed Image Management to become the Masters of the Website. www.imagemanagement.com

Dr. Fisher Chiropractic

August 17th - Carla has been seen in the office for initial evaluation and has begun her care regiment. Fortunately, Carla has taken pretty good care of herself over the years so we were able to start her on a wellness program that is designed to improve upon her good structure and overall good health. Our goal is to get Carla functioning at the top of her game by reducing the restrictions in her spine and other joints. She will be fitted for custom orthotics to address some structural issues and to aid in stabilizing her feet, hips and spine. The improvements in the function of her spine and nervous system will help her get the most out of her workouts. Carla has been great to work with, and she is progressing very well.

Headlines Salon and Day Spa

September 17th - At this time we have Carla scheduled for her massage one week prior to the reveal and for her manicure and pedicure the week of. We scheduled this way so that she has a chance to relax after her massage for a few days and receiving her nail services right before the reveal will allow for a fresh look.

October 1st - provided manicure and pedicure for Carla's special day.

Shane Keller (Massage Therapist) - Carla received a nice, relaxing massage before her reveal party. This felt especially good after all of her challenging workouts.

Aspire Salon and Day Spa

October 1st - Marianne Pelini Owner - Carla came to my salon with shoulder length extremely curly, steel grey hair, which was making her appear quite a bit older than she is. Carla has a fair skin tone, and the grey hair color was making her skin look quite washed out... I chose to "liven up" Carla's skin tone by making her hair color a rich medium chocolate brown. I also added a lot of cinnamon toned highlights to give the color dimension, so as to appear as though she had been in the sun or on a vacation. Carla's haircut was pretty short on top and rather longer in the back, so to update and balance her look, I shaped her hair in a shorter all over layered design with a lot of texture so she could either wear it with her natural curl or smooth it out for a more "finished/professional look". Having a shorter length with tapering at the nape, also balanced her face to accentuate and bring the focal point to her beautiful blue eyes. Before I applied Carla's makeup, I gave her a "Bioelements Flaxx Vitamin C" skin firming treatment mask. It's like a non surgical facelift and only takes 15 minutes! This treatment immensely tightened Carla's skin...It is an incredible treatment to use on the day of an event such as the reveal! Then I used another amazing product called "Erase". It's a daily serum that firms the skin and reduces puffiness. For her makeup I used Sorme' Cosmetics and applied neutral palette of cool tones to compliment her naturally cool skin tone. For her base I used Sorme's Nude Beige Mineral foundation, which evened out her skin tone and gave her a natural glow. Carla's brow's are a bit sparse so I filled them in with the Sorme's Brow shadow in a medium shade. This shadow makes sparse brows appear very natural not "drawn on". For Carla's cheek color I used Sorme's Crimson Rose Blush. For her eyes, I used Sorme's Vanilla Latte Duo eye shadow, first I used the creamy light vanilla shade all over her eye lid to make her very deep set eyes pop, and then I defined her eyes by lining them with smoky brown latte shade, I used the same shade to contour her brown bone. I finished her eyes with Sorme's dark brown Mascara. For her lips I used Sorme's burgundy lip liner and Sorme's rose pink lipstick shade called "Bliss". Carla looks like a brand new woman! 20 years younger! She looks absolutely radiant! Carla is a true inspiration! I immensely enjoyed working on Carla and being a part of her transformation.

Mya Banaszynski - Essential Bodywear Rep.

September 17th - Essential Bodywear is committed to revolutionize the way women purchase bodywear. Essential Bodywear and its representatives strive to develop both an understanding on what proper fitting bodywear can do for personal image and build lifelong customer relationships. We will be known for enhancing the quality of life for all women by helping them sustain good physical health and preserve their self esteem. Every women's frame and shape is different. I offer professional fittings in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere-your home! I want my customers to look and feel their best. My goal is to bring out the best in each woman by educating her on the benefits of a proper fitting bra and providing her with individual attention she deserves. Essential Bodywear is a proud donor to the Susan G. Komen Three Day Breast Cancer Walk and contributes a percentage of Sales in the month of October to this amazing cause in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Essential Bodywear is dedicated to make a difference in the hopes that someday we can eradicate this devastating disease.

October 1st - Carla was not able to be fitted for a custom bra due to her mastectomy, but Mya gave Carla some pretty underwear to help her feel more feminine.

Photography by Raylene

Raylene photographed Carla after she was ready for her reveal party. She is providing her with a series of "glamour shots" to memorialize her transformation.

Raylene also provided a lifesized cut-out of Carla so that we could all see the incredible transformation right before our eyes.

J&N Ultra Tan

Carla would have enjoyed some tanning sessions in the traditional tanning beds, but her skin treatments would not allow her to receive the UV light. So Carla experiences a Mystic Tan which is a spray-on tan to give her a healthy glow.

The Sign Shop of Racine

Donated large print copies of the Journal Times articles as well as a very professionally created "sponsor board" to acknowledge our sponsors.

 O&H Bakery

In honor of Carla and breast cancer awareness, they donated a full sheet cake decorated with the Racine Dream Team logo and colorful flowers. It was beautiful and delicious! 



Hugs and Kisses

Hugs & Kisses Store has known Carla for several years and her willingness to appear as a clown for fundraising events herself. Having known her struggles from diagnoses of breast cancer to present, to win the makeover this year from the Racine Dream Team was a crowning glory for her. So to make a beautiful room and entrance for the big reveal, we offered our services and expertise for the event. Moving the event indoors, we were able to provide decor around the room, fresh flowers for the tables which included pink roses and pink ribbon logo, personalized candy, buffet centerpiece, and of course a very large pink balloon archway with an exploding confetti entrance for Carla. Then Carla was presented with a large bouquet of pink roses. We were happy to assist with the coordination of personalization of the is event as is done with other events - this one was for Carla!  

Charcoal Grill and Rotisserie

Charcoal Grill provided the banquet room for the reveal ceremony as well as delicious hors d'oeuvres for the guests. Many also continued the celebration by having dinner with Carla after the ceremony. 



We were all very honored to have been part of this year's makeover and we wish Carla all the best as she continues her journey. Carla, you are truly an inspiration to all!!!

Joe Bauer