2013 Dream Team Winners: Kristine Draves and Pam Johnson

Kristine Draves - March 20, 2013

We began Kris's dental makeover by seeing her for a thorough dental exam and complete set of dental x-rays. Unfortunately, Kris was suffering the results of many years of dental neglect. She avoided the dentist partly due to financial constraints, but also out of embarrassment and fear. This is a very common situation until pain overrides those emotions.


After evaluating Kris's dental condition, we decided together that it would be best to remove her upper teeth and fabricate a custom upper denture. We also will try to improve the health of her remaining lower teeth so that she will be able to chew properly. Several months ago, we removed Kris's upper teeth, as well as several lower molars, and then allowed her gum tissues to heal. During the healing phase, we cleaned Kris's remaining lower teeth and placed multiple tooth-colored fillings. We then began procedures to fabricate Kris's custom upper denture as well as a transitional lower partial denture.

After all of the measurements were completed, we were so happy to present Kris with her beautiful new dentures. We placed her new teeth and handed Kris the mirror and shared in her joy as her eyes (and ours) filled with tears of happiness. She just couldn't believe how pretty her smile looked. Kris actually said "I just can't stop looking at myself!"

Kris has also begun to experience emotional healing since we began working together. It has been very rewarding to see Kris's progress and we truly look forward to the final transformation with Marianne at Aspire Salon. Jennifer from Generations Portrait Studio will be giving Kris a photography session to help her remember this special day. We will then be joining Kris on March 21st at the Charcoal Grill and Rotisserie where she and her guests will be enjoying a delicious celebration dinner!!

Pam Johnson - March 20, 2013


As we do with almost all of our new patients, we beganPam's dental journey with a complete dental exam and set of x-rays. It had been many years since Pam received regular dental care. She sustained a serious car accident many years ago which resulted in the loss of quite a few upper teeth. She had them repaired and replaced at the time, but several of the teeth continued to break and became painful to the extent that she only had five upper teeth remaining when we first met her.

Unfortunately, the teeth that were left were not in very good condition and extractions were the only alternative. Pam also had some lower molars which were in very poor condition and needed to be removed. We performed the extractions and oral surgery to prepare for a complete upper denture. While the upper jaw was healing, we began to treat some cavities on her remaining lower teeth,along with giving her a thorough cleaning.

Following the healing phase, we began our steps to create a custom upper denture, as well as a lower transitional partial denture.

Several weeks ago, Pam was absolutely thrilled when she received her new dentures and saw the amazing transformation. She has adjusted very well to her new teeth and is very excited to meet with Marianne at Aspire Salon for her glamour makeover!! Pam will also be receiving a photography session from Generations Portrait Studio and a Gift Certificate from the Charcoal Grill and Rotisserie. We are excited to see the dramatic final makeover on March 21st!!

Reveal Celebration - March 22, 2013


When Kris and Pam walked in to the Charcoal Grill restaurant last night for the Reveal Celebration, it was difficult to even recognize them! They both had new hair styles and color to go along with their transformed smiles - they looked and felt absolutely beautiful!! Their family and friends were amazed at how incredible they looked and were so happy for them both to have received this opportunity.

We all had a wonderful evening of celebration and truly appreciate the support of the sponsors of this project - Kind Dentistry, Popp Dental Lab, Aspire Salon and Spa, Generations Portrait Studio, Charcoal Grill and Rotisserie, Image Management, and Write and Polish!!

Joe Bauer