2010 Dream Team Winner: Heather Lojeski

Heather Lojeski


This is the fifth year for the Racine Dream Team Makeover providers to be offering a life-changing makeover to a deserving individual in the Racine/Kenosha community. In light of all of the various difficulties that folks are facing these days, we decided to offer the opportunity to anyone that had recently endured a hardship in life. We had applicants that had faced things such as medical issues, financial struggles, and loss of loved ones. Several applicants had multiple hardships. It was heart-wrenching to read through the applications and became very difficult to narrow the numbers down to a few finalists. We had personal interviews with our finalists prior to making our selection. Our hope was to select an individual that could benefit from the services of all of our providers. After the judging team deliberated, we selected our 2010 winner, Heather Lojeski.


Heather just recently celebrated her 40th birthday and has 10 children ranging from age 4 to 20. She home-schools her children and also is currently the director of the Royal Friends Clubs of Racine which is an organization for mentoring abused and neglected children ages 7 to 11. Her husband had to take a significant pay cut after leaving Snap-On Tools in 1999. Now, he found out recently that he is laid off temporarily from his new company. This is obviously a severe financial hardship for a family with so many children. In addition, Heather is dealing with ongoing struggles as a result of childhood abuse, which is why she is so committed to helping other children who are facing similar issues. She is looking for a "New Beginning" so that she can become stronger emotionally as well as physically more healthy in order to give even more back to the community. Congratulations to Heather as she embarks on her "New Beginning"!!! The makeover process officially began on June 1st and continued through September 30th. Heather was very busy throughout that timeframe with multiple appointments with the various sponsors. But all of her hard work was evident as we all celebrated with her at the Reveal Ceremony at the Charcoal Grill on Thursday, September 30th. After some introductory words by Dr. Kind, Heather made her grand entrance. She walked into the room through a beautiful archway and her friends and family were amazed! She looked absolutely beautiful and was radiant from the inside out!!!

located at 1135 Warwick Way

September 30th - Marianne Pelini-Hair Designer and owner of Aspire Salon And Spa:
I first met Heather the day of the makeover, I felt like I had known her all my life. She is such a sweet and giving person. I was excited to perform her "first professional in salon hair coloring service". I decided to give her a low maintenance hair color because she is such a busy woman. Yet, I wanted her to look and feel "dynamic" just like her personality, so I designed her hair color with "subtle" blonde highlights throughout her hair and then I low-lighted her dark ash blonde base color to "enliven" it with a rich caramel blonde. Then I placed some extra luminous, blonde highlights around her face to make her beautiful sky blue eyes "pop". For her hair design I felt she needed some soft fringie bangs to frame her face and accentuate her eyes. I eliminated the blunt weight line she had by tapering her nape area with lots of layers to slim her neckline. This will draw the onlooker's eye up to hers. Her hair was extremely bulky so I razor texturized it throughout to make it wispy and soft. I used Kenra Styling products to style her hair. I blow dried her hair with a round brush, then used a large barrel curling iron to give her fullness in the crown and bang area then used a flat iron in the nape to soften her neckline.

Then on to the makeup. Her eyebrows were rather thick so I arched them to have a more feminine shape and create a "frame" for her eyes. I use Sorme Mineral Cosmetics. I applied "light" concealer under her eyes, then I applied "Natural Beige" mineral foundation on her skin to even out her tones. Then I brushed Fresh Neutral Medium Perse' Mineral Powder over her face to set the foundation. For her blush I chose Sheer Glow Mineral Blush "Coquette" (a rosy pink tone) for her cheeks. For her eyes I used Sorme' black liquid eyeliner and ran the brush just along the top lash line to define her eyes and make her lashes appear fuller, then I used the Shy Violette Eye shadow duo to soften the top liner and line the bottom lashes, to give her that smokey look. Then I applied Amethyst Dream duo shadow on her lids, a soft pearly violet color. I used Pure Rose Lip Liner to define her lip line then I used "Bliss" long lasting lip color and then applied "Dreamy" lip gloss to give her a little touch of shine. I applied two applications of dark brown mascara. And Voila', she looks like a new woman! I could see "immediately" that she felt as stunning as she looked!

KIM BUISSE from Dr Michael Sweet
located at 3811 Spring Street, Suite 203

June 21, 2010 - I had my first meeting with Heather on June 1st.  She truly is a well deserved applicant that has given so much of her self to others and their needs that it is an honor to be part again this year in the make-over process to someone who is so grateful for the opportunity.  She is a gentle and loving woman with a heart and soul so full of desire to give to those she can help and can’t help themselves, the abused children.  I am truly honored to be working with her to help make her “New Beginning” an extraordinary adventure to a new positive phase in her life. We had decided she would like to have some hair-removal done on her chin area, so we were able to give her, her first treatment yesterday.  She shall be back in 6 weeks for her second hair removal treatment and we shall continue every 6 weeks for a total of 6 treatments.  We are also going to be doing two Photo-Facials and two Facial and Peel combos before the big reveal in September.  She was given some cleanser & toner to use and I plan on getting her on a great skin care régime. She had trouble with acne when younger and has sensitive skin so as a result of that she is not treating her skin the way it should be treated.  I will work with her to find the products and the régime that will help her skin feel and look its healthy best.

July 15, 2010 - My appointment today July 13th with Heather went great. The Racine Journal Times came in and took pictures while she had her hair removal treatment. Besides the smidgen of pain that she endures during her procedure she is having impressive results from the first treatment we did 6 weeks ago which I think helps her tolerate that uncomfortable snapping she gets with the treatment. She will be in net Monday for her first Photo-facial Treatment which I am extremely excited to do on her. She has a lot of hyper pigmentation and the Photo's will provide an enormous enhancement to her skins complexion. We also found a moisturizer that she likes from the samples given to her last time she was in. So now she is using a cleanser, toner and moisturizer on a daily bases. This is something very new to her, taking the time for herself, even if it is just for washing and hydrating her skin. I also gave her RX to do a Glo Pumpkin Enzyme at home while relaxing in a hot bath once a week. This will help prepare her skin for the Photo Treatments and give her a good pore cleansing without being aggressive on her skin. After her 2 Photo-Facials we have decided to do a Glo Brightening Polish with Lactic Peel Treatment and get her started on an in home regime of the Glo Brightening Polish and Brightening Serum along with her cleansing & hydrating. Her last appointment with me other then hair removal, will be a nice relaxing Aromatherapy Relaxation Facial to give her 90 minutes of pampering and get her ready for her big reveal the following night.

August 6th- Heather was in to see me on Monday July 19th for her first Photo-Facial. She has quite a bit of sun damage and I plan on doing a total of two of these treatments. She should see a dramatic difference in her skin from these Photo Treatments. She will be back in 3 weeks for the second one.  She experienced some discomfort with this treatment as well as her hair removal treatments. This is because of the color of the hyper- pigmentation on her skin and the pigmentation of her hair. The IPL machine is attracted to pigment and that is how she will get the great results I know she will experience.  She is a trouper and will occasionally ask me to stop for a minute or two, she takes a few deep breathes and then we continue.  I can not wait until she comes in and experiences a “feel good” treatment.  Will keep you posted after her next visit.

Sept 8th, 2010 - Heather was scheduled for a Photo Facial appointment on August 10th but had to cancel because she was sick. We have rescheduled that appointment. She will be in on September 9th for that Photo Facial that we had to reschedule. She was able to make her hair removal appointment on August 24th and that went well. We are both seeing a great result from the treatments she has had regarding the hair removal. I shall let you all know how that treatment goes as well. I know it isn't the most comfortable treatment for Heather but the results are AMAZING!

Sept 9th, 2010 - Heather was in today for her second Photo Facial Treatment which was rescheduled due to a Summit I had to attend in Milwaukee not because she was sick. The appointment today went very well. She grinned and bared it like a pro. We had another one set up but both of us agree that she won't need to have that done since she has had such great results from the two that we have done. Her skin is a bit dry right now which could be the change in the weather but I gave her some products that should help with the dryness and explained to her that with weather changes you sometimes need to adjust your at home skin care regime. She is of course willing and excited to give the new products a shot. I love our appointments together! She lifts my spirits. She'll be back on September 13th for her first bit of relaxation since we started working together for a Glow & Go Facial Treatment.

September 30th - Heather and I had our final treatment together Wednesday September 29th the day before her reveal. We did a 90 Minute Relaxation Facial that I added a Lactic Peel to and the results were marvelous. Her skin was radiant and she was so beautiful. Of course when she was finished she needed to run off and pick up her son. She is always on the go! At least she was able to get in an outstanding 90 minutes for herself relaxing and basting in the last few hours of her Make-Over before her big reveal on Thursday. She is an amazing woman and I have the utmost respect for her and all that she does for others. Her family and her church mean the world to her and when they say "there are Angels here on Earth" I'd definitely include Heather as one of those Angels. She truly understands the meaning of unselfishness and a true caring from the heart to those less fortunate. God Bless you and your amazing family Heather. You were beautiful even before this Make-Over, now you are positively radiant. It was a pure pleasure to work with her and we do plan on continuing her hair removal treatments for the total of 8 treatments.

located at 8300 Washington Ave


The Charcoal Grill is once again sponsoring the Reveal celebration. The program should begin at 6:00 pm and guests may arrive as early as 5:30 pm to enjoy appetizers in the lower level room.

September 30th - The Charcoal Grill provided the banquet room for the Reveal Ceremony and also provided guests with an assortment of appetizers to enjoy. Guests were also welcome to order from the menu as well as order beverages from a cash bar.

located at 3805B Spring Street or 9916 – 75th Street, Kenosha

June 21, 2010 - The Eye Center saw Heather last week for a quick consult to discuss the services that we offer here at The Eye Center. She decided that she was interested in seeing if she was a candidate for LASIK eye surgery. She then had her consult with Dr. Kanwar Singh and was indeed a good candidate for LASIK. Heather is going to be having her LASIK eye surgery done next week at The Eye Center in Kenosha and a follow-up appointment with Dr. Singh the following day in Racine. Lisa Jarstad, Surgical Coordinator

July 15, 2010 - Heather had her LASIK vision correction surgery done June 17th at The Eye Center of Kenosha. Before surgery she was only able to see fingers about 5 feet in front of her without her glasses on and nothing on the reading card. 1 day after her surgery, she came back to the office for a follow-up appointment and was seeing the 20/20 line on the vision chart!! LASIK surgery was a great success for Heather and we are very happy for her. She is scheduled to see Dr. Singh again for a post op appointment on July 21st.

September 30th - Heather is really enjoying the fact that she no longer needs glasses - and her vision is now better than 20/20!!

located at 6233 Durand Avenue

Heather will meet with Dr Fisher in Mid-June and set up schedule to receive treatments to make her feel great as she is taking on the challenges of the makeover. More information will be available after the first meeting. Watch for details in the next update.

July 15, 2010 - I am pleased to report that Heather is progressing very well. She is very fortunate not to have had a lot of pain and overall has done a good job of taking care of herself. As a result, we have put Heather on a wellness schedule. She is currently being seen once per week to keep her functioning well, to improve her spinal motion so that she can optimize her workouts. In the next couple of weeks we will evaluate her for some additional core stabilization exercises and evaluate the function of her knees ankles and feet.

MONICA GRAHAM, Fashion Consultant
e-mail address mgraham5@wi.rr.com

Heather will receive a new outfit to wear at the reveal to show off her new look. Monica has been trained to make sure the fit of clothing does the most to accentuate your best points. With Monica’s skill and Heather’s slimmed down figure, we will all enjoy how great she looks at the reveal.

September 30th - Heather looked great in her outfit from Cabi Clothing.

located at 1139 Blaine Avenue

The day of the Reveal will be an exciting one for Heather, but also very busy. To help her get through the day, massage therapist, Shane, will provide a relaxing one hour body massage. If she isn’t already relaxed enough, she will then be treated to a manicure and pedicure. By the time she leaves, she will already feel like Queen for the Day!

September 30th - Heather received a manicure and pedicure for her reveal, as well as a relaxtion Massage from Shane Keller at Headlines.

visit their website www.imagemanagement.com

Image Management is again helping with the website to keep everyone informed of Heather’s progress. Their work is the link between Heather, the sponsors, and all the people supporting Heather in the process. Enjoy following Heather’s life-changing transformation by checking the progress page of our website.

located at 5903 Washington Avenue or 2211 Lathrop Avenue

About a month before the Reveal, Heather will be given a choice of traditional tanning beds or the newer spray on Mystic Tan. Either will provide a golden color to her skin to make her look like she just returned from a Carribean vacation.

September 30th - Heather had a radiant glow from her Mystic Tan from J & N Ultra Tan.

located at 4445 Taylor Avenue

June 8, 2010 - Kind Dentistry is very pleased to continue with the fifth year of the Racine Dream Team Makeover.  We are very happy for Heather Lojeski  the 2010 winner, and look forward to providing a beautiful smile to compliment Heather's transformation.  We saw Heather for a comprehensive dental examination and x-rays.  Together, we formulated a treatment plan which will include a thorough dental cleaning, several tooth extractions, white fillings, two root canals, teeth whitening, and porcelain crowns being provided by Popp Dental Lab of Racine.  Heather also has a complicated clinical situation with her "bite" that we are trying to stabilize through a series of adjustments.  Her biggest dental challenge has been her anxiety about dental appointments.  We are working very hard to provide as soothing an atmosphere as possible so that Heather's appointments can be comfortable for her.  We hope to help Heather overcome her anxiety about dentistry while at the same time, helping her to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

July 15, 2010 - Heather endured a very lengthy dental appointment recently to begin her dental rehabilitation. She received two root canals on her front teeth and four crown preparations for porcelain crowns. Even the new temporary crowns made a dramatic improvement in her smile. She has had broken, discolored front teeth for several years and now she can begin to smile with confidence. She also is noticing a marked improvement in her "bite" as we are working to equilibrate the way that her teeth come together. It is exciting to see the beginning of her transformation into better dental health!!

August 6th - Heather received her beautiful new porcelain crowns recently and has been smiling ever since.  We also extracted two more teeth that had been bothering Heather for quite some time.  We are continuing to replace old silver fillings with new tooth-colored restorations as well as treating any cavities that are present.  Heather has been very patient with all of these long dental appointments and seems to be feeling slightly more at ease with the dental setting.  We are working very hard to help her feel as comfortable as possible during her treatments and we really appreciate her trust through the process!

Sept 8th , 2010 - Heather is very close to having all of her dental treatment completed. She has had many long appointments and has managed to endure those appointments quite comfortably. Heather's smile looks beautiful and is significantly healthier than when we started. We have also educated Heather on the importance of maintaining her dental health through daily flossing and brushing as well as regular dental visits for an examination, dental cleaning, and oral cancer screening. Heather is able to smile with confidence in knowing that her teeth look and feel great!

September 30th - It was truly a blessing to see Heather smiling so radiantly at her Reveal Ceremony. We have truly enjoyed getting to know Heather and to see her overcome so many of her obstacles. We wish Heather all of the best for her future and look forward to a continued relationship with her and her family!!

main location at 4006 Douglas Avenue or 4006 Durand Avenue

What’s a party without cake? O & H will be providing a sheet cake for the Reveal that is especially decorated for the event. The cake will be served after the program, so make sure to enjoy a piece before you leave.

September 30th - The celebration cake that was donated by O & H Bakery was beautiful and delicious!!!

located at 413 – 6th Street

Jennifer has already taken the “before” picture found on this website. She will have that picture enlarged to life-size for the Reveal, so everyone can see the transformation. Jennifer will also be taking “After” pictures, so Heather will always remember this special opportunity.

September 30th - After Heather finished up at Aspire Salon, she came to Generations Studio on 6th Street for a photo shoot. Heather will receive a photo package including an 8x10, 6-4x6's and 16 wallets of her after pictures plus an 8x10 side- by-side comparison of her before and after picture. She will also be receiving a complimentary family portrait session with an 11x14 wall portrait. Here is a sample of two of the photos that Heather can choose from:

located in Racine

Though Dr. Kind is providing the dental treatment, Popp Dental is donating the crowns or other appliances to give Heather a beautiful new smile.

located at 7300 Washington Avenue

Razor Sharp Fitness provides two separate services to Heather. The first is help with her diet by Registered Nurse, Suzanne Williamson and personal training with Tenille Isome. Each will report her progress monthly, since she will only weigh in every four weeks.

From Suzanne

June 21, 2010 - I met initially with Heather May 24th for her assessment and measurements. The following are her beginning numbers:

  • Weight 224.1

  • Height 5'1"

  • Age 40 years

  • Chest 45.75 inches

  • Waist 43 inches

  • Hips 50.5 inches

  • Body Fat 36.8% which is classified as "obese"

  • Blood Pressure 118/82 within normal limits

  • Blood Glucose 94mg/dl within normal limits

  • Cholesterol profile:

    • Total Cholesterol 192 (less than 200)

    • HDL 61 (40 or greater)

    • LDL 102 (less than 130)

    • Triglycerides 144 (less than 150)

I had Heather journal her food and fluid intake for 3 days and then met again with her on June 4th. Her areas of nutritional concern are high carbohydrate intake, some of which is processed, too much saturated fat intake and not enough fiber. She will begin a detox diet of fruits, vegetables and clean protein for one week. During detox, things like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, refined grains and fat are eliminated in order to give the digestive tract a much needed vacation, and to jump start the body's metabolism. Heather will then begin a low glycemic meal plan which supports health blood sugar and insulin levels to help her lose her weight as fat.

Heather is a very nice lady who has a strong desire to improve her energy and stamina level, as well as improve her self-esteem. I have enjoyed meeting Heather and look forward to helping her achieve her health and wellness goals. Our next visit together is June 11th.

July 26th - Heather has been faithfully and enthusiastically checking in with me weekly.  Her first weigh-in and measurements were completed on 7-6-10 and I am pleased to report she is making steady progress.  Her measurements are as follows:

  • Weight 213 (she has lost 11.1 pounds)

  • Chest 45.5 inches (lost ½ inch)

  • Waist 41 inches (lost 2 inches)

  • Hips 48 inches (lost 2.5 inches)

  • Lost 1.3% of her body fat.

  • Blood Pressure normal

  • Blood Sugar normal

Heather reports more energy, her family is adapting to a healthier lifestyle which includes cooking nourishing meals, and shopping for healthy foods.  She continues to follow the Transitions™ Lifestyle Program which focuses on eating low glycemic foods, journaling, tailored supplements, and changing body composition through the right type of exercise.
August 6th - Heather weighed in today, approximately 12 weeks since beginning.  Here is the update:

  • Weight: 210 ( down 14.1 #)

  • Chest: 44 inches (lost 1.75 inches)

  • Waist: 40 inches (lost 3in.)

  • Hips: 48 inches (2.5in)

She lost a total of 4.9% body fat and now is classified as “overweight”, which is a significant improvement, as she moves out of the category of “obese”.
Heather is doing great 3 months into her makeover!  She reports that people are noticing her changes, and she likes it!  She is slowly decreasing her risk for chronic complications associated with being overweight, like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc.

She is making fundamental changes in the way she approaches food.  She has a lot going on with her big family and the make-over appointments, but she is “managing to manage” it all.

September 14, 2010 - Heather had her measurements on 9-6-10. She has lost a total of 15 pounds to date, and an additional 2.4% body fat since 8-6-10. Her waist has decreased another 1.5 inches, and her chest remains the same at 44 inches. Heather says she has moved down almost 3 pants sizes since starting! She is now classified as "moderately overweight", decreasing her risks for chronic complications like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Her blood pressure and blood sugar are within normal parameters. Heather reports more energy and self confidence in shopping and preparing meals for her family. She has been watching a different Transition™ DVD series each week to support her new learning, such as "get off the sweet stuff" and "good fats, bad fats." This has helped reinforce her success and lifestyle changes. Last years winner, Carla, made a comment this past week, that "Heather looked great." And she's right!

From Tenille

June 21, 2010 - Heather and I will be meeting 2 days a week for strength training. I will also incorporate a good about of core work and active resting to elevate her heart and burn as many calories as possible. She will then be doing 4-5 days a week of cardiovascular activity for now. We have only trained twice so far, and have started a little slow so I can get a feel for where she is at. Right off the bat though, I can tell that by the time we are finished with the makeover, she is going to see dramatic results. Her expectations are realistic, and she is a very positive person. These are two qualities that are vital to a persons success in reaching their fitness goals. We certainly have some work to do, but I really think that Heather is going to progress very quickly if she keeps up her attitude and is willing to push her limits both physically and mentally. She would like to be able to run one mile and has set that for a goal so I will do whatever I can to get her there!

July 15, 2010 - We are now in our 6th week of training and Heather is making amazing strides (literally). She has stepped up the intensity of her cardio by doing more time on the elliptical and she now even runs a bit. I already find myself saying, "Remember when you could only do...?" I can now do strength training exercises with her that are a little more challenging because her coordination has improved, her cardiovascular system can handle more, and her muscular strength has increased. I was on vacation last week so it was a test for her to continue to come in each day and workout while I was gone. She passed with flying colors and worked her butt off all week! That shows me that she is taking this makeover seriously and she will be successful after her makeover is complete!

Sept 9th, 2010 - Heather has made tremendous improvements to her cardiovascular and strength capabilities. She has progressed to push-ups, bench pressing, and has even attended my high-intensity Cardiokick class! She is able to do so many things that she was unable to do just a couple months ago and each time we meet I'm able to push her more and more. There are only 3 weeks left of the makeover, but if she continues to work as hard as she has been we can still improve her fitness level significantly. Her physical improvements however, are no match for the improvements I've seen in her emotionally. Her self-confidence and self-esteem has increased, and she is more comfortable in her own skin which has been a rewarding transformation to watch. Great job Heather!

September 30th - Heather did an amazing job! She worked very hard and I'm very proud of the effort she put forth throughout this makeover process. She changed herself not only physically, but emotionally as well and her self-esteem and confidence is noticeably greater than when she began. She should be proud of herself and proud of the example that she is setting for her family. Way to go Heather!

THE SIGN SHOP - located at 2601 Fergus Avenue

The Sign Shop of Racine will provide our sponsor board to display at the Reveal Ceremony so that guests will know which businesses have donated their services for Heather's dramatic makeover.

September 30th - Guests were able to see a listing of all of the sponsors that were involved with the Racine Dream Team this year. The Sign Shop provided a large Sponsor Board to place on our table where brochures and business cards were available from our various sponsors. The Sign Shop also provided large prints of the various newspaper articles for guests to read. Heather will also be able to keep these to memorialize her journey.

Do you have a product or service you would like to add to the Racine Dream Team Makeover? Let us know and you can be part of this great community service project!

Joe Bauer